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List of features

From the unofficial Signal Wiki
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This is an automatically-generated list of Signal features that are described in this wiki.

Features can be turned on and off remotely (via the server). But they can also manually be toggled on and off via feature flags. This is usually only possible if you build Signal yourself.

Editing this list[edit | edit source]

If you'd like to edit a specific feature's information, please visit its corresponding article and edit the usage of Template:Feature there.

If you'd like to change how the list itself is presented, then edit this page.

List[edit | edit source]

Feature Internal name(s) Feature flag(s) Release date Android iOS Desktop Feature request Signal blog Support article
Cloud Backups Archive, backupV2[1] In development 6.42.0–[1] In development–[2] FR
Delete for everyone DFE, DOE,[note 1] Remote delete[3] (ver.?)– (ver.?)– (ver.?)– Article
Group calling 2020-12-14 (ver.?)– (ver.?)– (ver.?)– FR Blog Article
Notification Profiles 5.28–[4] Not available Not available
Notifications (ver.?)– (ver.?)– (ver.?)– Article
Phone Number Privacy PNP android.pnp, desktop.pnp, phoneNumberPrivacy (iOS) 2024-02-20 7.0–[5][6] 7.0–[7] 7.0–[8] FR Blog Article
Registration Lock (ver.?)– (ver.?)– (ver.?)–
Scheduled messages Scheduled message sends android.scheduledMessageSends[note 2] 6.11.7–[9] Not available Not planned[10] FR Article
Screen sharing Incomplete (ver.?)–: viewing only Incomplete (ver.?)–: viewing only (ver.?)–: viewing and sharing FR
Signal PIN 2020-05-19 (ver.?)– (ver.?)– (ver.?)– Blog Article URLs (ver.?)– (ver.?)– (ver.?)– FR
Stickers 2019-12-17 (ver.?)– (ver.?)– (ver.?)– FR Blog Article
Stories 2022-11-07 (Android/iOS)

2022-11-30 (Desktop)

6.0– 6.0– 6.0– Blog Article
Text formatting android.textFormatting desktop.textFormatting desktop.textFormatting.spoilerSend 6.24–[11] 6.36–[12] 6.22–[13] FR
Usernames android.usernames[note 3] android.pnp global.nicknames.min global.nicknames.max 7.0–[14][15] 7.0–[16] 7.0–[17] FR Blog Article

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. There doesn't appear to be an official expansion of this abbreviation, but it may be interpreted as "delete on every [device]" or "delete on everyone's [devices]". For example usage, see this commit.
  2. No longer used in 6.11.7[9]
  3. In 6.2.0, no longer used; instead, the feature flag for phone number privacy, android.pnp, decides whether the feature is active github:signalapp/Signal-Android/commit/a2415261bd39092020a7e02b402ad20878808212

References[edit | edit source]

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