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From the unofficial Signal Wiki

Required[edit | edit source]

The following is required to use Signal:

  • A smartphone running a supported version of Android or iOS (see Supported OSes), in order to use Signal Android or Signal iOS as a primary device.
    • An iPad (with a supported version of iOS/iPadOS) can operate as a primary device as well.
    • Additionally, third-party / community solutions such as AsamK/signal-cli exist that can be used instead of the primary device (however, available features depend on the specific app or solution).
  • A phone number. It can be a mobile, landline, or a virtual VOIP number, as long as it can receive a verification SMS or call.
    • Note that the upcoming Phone number privacy feature does not change this requirement.
    • You are expected to maintain control of the phone number you used to register with. If your number changes, you should use the Change Number feature to change your number in Signal.
    • Registration Lock prevents others from registering in Signal if they temporarily gain access to your phone number (but it doesn't prevent this completely; see the article for details).
  • An internet connection.
    • In certain regions, a Signal proxy or other method of censorship circumvention may also be required to access the service.

Optional[edit | edit source]

The following is optional (see also: Linked Devices):

  • Desktop computer(s) running a supported version of Windows, Linux, or macOS (see below), in order to use the Signal Desktop app as a linked device.
  • iPad(s) running a supported version of iOS/iPadOS, in order to use Signal iOS as a linked device.
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